Eddie was just your average yeti... if being a yeti can be average... living in the glaciers of Alaska, far away from mankind, just doing what yetis do. But being quite curious, Eddie ventured out of this isolated wilderness and stumbled upon the quaint town of Winnetka. And this is where he befriends 9 year old Polly, who helps him out of an elaborate bear trap. After this, they became instant byff’s...“best yeti friends forever”. Eddie fills Polly’s day with adventure. While Polly keeps Eddie under wraps, in disguise and away from the clutches of the evil Dr. Atrocious and his winged sidekick “The Bat” (who btw is actually a bat!). Both wish to add Eddie to their ever growing “furry animals & stuff” collection. For Polly, every day is a big surprise when your best friend “Eddie Is A Yeti”.

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