Oh Yuck is a fast-paced, fact-laden, laugh out loud, narrative comedy series for 11-13 year old kids that mixes live action with animation to explore the science behind all things ooey, gooey, slimy and mucky. Each episode of Oh Yuck will take as its stepping off point a particular gross subject - pimples, fungus, stinky animals and more - and spin a wild and totally zany story that'll have kids holding onto their seats while we also explore the real science behind these things. Our guide to all this grossness is Dr. Septico Yuck - a lovable and zany scientist who celebrates and investigates all things gross in his Yuck Lab. He does this with the help of his fellow lab denizens; clean freak and mechanical expert Pristine; Durp-E, the robot who yearns to be human, and a gang of unruly characters including a talking head in a jar and a pile of dirty clothes who can talk. Oh Yuck is a crazy 22-minute live-action comedy mixed with animation and marbled through with real, disgusting scientific fact; an exploration of gross science served up with all the formality and seriousness of a food fight. Let the Yucks begin.

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